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I love Santa Monica!

I love my city. Here are some pictures of my Santa Monica...Oh, hold your cursor over each picture for a description!
Holding a picket sign outside City Hall on February 4, 2014. The sign says it all. I was so proud to see so many of my fellow citizens standing up for their beliefs that night. Speaking outside City Hall on February 4, 2014 against the adoption of the Bergamot Village Plan. It's just too big and adds too much traffic to our city
The California Recreation & Parks Commissioner Of The Year for 2013. I was told that the Turtle trophy represented my need to A citizen complained about the lack of shade,the shape of some new Bike Racks and the placement of new outdoor chairs on Ocean Park Blvd.I sat on one of the chairs.They're comfortable! I like the Bike Racks and I love what the Ocean Park Association and City Staff achieved.It's a dramatic improvement.Now,as to shade, I'm going to try to have a tree planted there.More shade would be appropriate.
I helped serve food to Boys & Girls Club Basketball tournament competitors at the Boys & Girls Club Of Santa Monica with my fellow Kiwanis Club Of Santa Monica volunteers. I was honored to be there. My association with the Club began when I became a member at 11 years old, a staff member at 16 and I'm a Past President of the Boys & Girls Club Council. The 2014-2015 Board Of Directors of the California Association of Parks & Recreation Commissioners & Board Members. I'm the immediate Past President.
Trying out an electric assist Bike on the Santa Monica Pier. I am firmly committed to safe Bicycling as an alternative to driving in our city. However, as much as I want our citizens to be active I also recognize that Bicycles, Automobiles and Pedestrians must be able to co-exist on streets & sidewalks that are safe and streets that are easy to traverse for all. Talking to City TV about our city's newest gem...Tongva Park. I'm so proud of the Park space that's been added to our city's inventory over the past 11 years.
A Santa Monica sunset. The view from our front yard, Palisades Park. On St Patrick's Day I was taken to the Daily Pint to celebrate. I'm with the owner of this longtime Santa Monica establishment and columnist Charles Andrews from the Santa Monica Daily Press.
An old friend sent this to me during the middle of the referendum tussle. It's quite apt for the rapid rate of planned development in our city. I love our views!
It's Butterfly time in Palisades Park. The Rose Garden is blooming.
Everything's coming up Roses in Palisades Park. In Palisades Park drumming up signatures to stop the Hines Project.
Helping hand in the petitions to overturn the vote of the City Council to approve the Bergamot Village Paln (Hines project). The project was too tall, too dense and would have added untenable traffic to our already overloaded streets. Throwing a signature party in Palisades Park!
Collecting signatures at the Post Office. Yes, I'm almost always struggling with my weight. On an earlier diet I was featured in the Los Angeles Times. This article shows me riding through Santa Monica in 1997 to lose weight.
A moody Santa Monica day. Each day brings different views of the Pacific Ocean.
A citizen asked me to stop by the Scholastic Surf Series competition at Santa Monica Beach. It was great to see so many young people surfing on Santa Monica beaches on a nice Saturday in March. I was thrilled to have some of my fellow Samohi Viking classmates walk from the Santa Monica Pier to see me at the Rose Garden in Palisades Park. It was thoroughly unexpected and...I loved them for it!
On the catwalk in the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. I one of the members of the Civic Working Group who are trying to revitalize this civic institution. I do have a real job. I am the CEO/President of the Studio Talent Group. In our 20th year we represent actors for film, television, theatre, commercials, literary and packaging.As the immediate past President of the Talent Managers Association I have stood tall for an ethical entertainment industry.
Our Recreation & Parks Commission has a small educational fund in our budget each year. This past fiscal year our Commission voted to use the excess funds to buy two park benches for the Airport Park Dog area. They have been greatly appreciated! Speaking to a rally outside Santa Monica City Hall. We were rallying to stop the Bergamot Village Plan. The Council wouldn't listen so we forged our own path and overturned the Council decision.
I am a proud member of the Kiwanis Club Of Santa Monica. A Sundance Film Festival portrait
A happy Sundance Film Festival portrait My birthday is on Christmas Day. Recreation & Parks Commissioner Lori Brown found the best cheesecake in Los Angeles County to celebrate my day while we were in City Council chambers.
Our views are spectacular! Ken Genser Square
I'm so proud of our Universally Accessible Playground at South Beach Park. It's an Award Winner for Best Special Park Project of 2013 in the State Of California.
Tee-M plays in Palisades Park each Sunday afternoon. Two very talented guys. We had them open our Commission meeting in City Hall and they played at Much Music LA Day 2013. On top of that they have dedicated a song from their original works to my campaign.
Yep, our views are incomparable! Always a UCLA fan. Go Bruins!
A winter day in Santa Monica A birthday cake for my Christmas Day birthday. I turned 60.
Airport Park. Green Spaces are the lungs of Santa Monica. We need more! A future park. The Mt Olivet Reservoir on Franklin Street.
A great piece of art by Banksy. Yes, our priorities over time need to be Parks, not Parking. This statue of Arcadia Bandini de Stearns Baker sits in Palisades Park.She is the
Water in Tongva Park. Our city's newest park features water, trees, ocean views, children Several years ago I noticed more and more personal fitness trainers taking up a business presence in our public parks. I brought this to our Recreation & Parks Commission's attention and over a long, often turbulent two years a fitness ordinance was enacted. It's not what some wanted however the level of abuse to the people's parks has diminished. Compromise is a difficult road but our city is better for the issue having been raised.
The North Carolina branch of the Brock family. My ancestors arrived there in the late 1600's. A small family church in North Carolina. Generations of my ancestors are buried in the church graveyard. My father was the first to really break away from the past. He met my mother in Palisades Park and stayed here.
My father's boyhood home in Mt Olive, North Carolina. Speaking at a Safe Routes To School day event.
Talking about our Parks! Talking to community leaders about the state of our city. We are so lucky to have so many concerned neighborhood members in our city.
Talking to a community member about trees to be planted on his street during Arbor Day festivities. The trees in his neighborhood had died. The city hadn't replaced them. He emailed me and we planted two new trees. Planting trees on Arbor Day. The Recreation & Parks Commission, Urban Forest Task Force and the Lions Club participated in this planting to add much needed canopy to our urban forest. We need more trees in our city!
Woodlawn Cemetery on Memorial Day Ashland Park
Marine Park Ozone Park
The Beach Green! Crescent Bay Park
Douglas Park is one of my favorite parks. With the Samohi cheerleaders. I'm a proud Viking!
Speaking to the cameras. St Monica. Our city's namesake.
Virginia Avenue Park At NBC news ready for an interview.
Honoring Santa Monica Little League at our Recreation & Parks Commission meeting. MC'ing Make Music LA at the foot of Route 66 in Palisades Park
at a Little League game at Memorial Park Ready to throw out the first pitch during the Little League regional playoffs
With some of my fellow Recreation & Parks Commissioners at the 4th of July Parade I'm proud to have served on the Recreation & Parks Commission since 2003
Riding an electric assist Bicycle during the 4th Of July Parade. Commissioner Toy is in the golf cart behind me. The Parade marches on!
It's Parks & Recreation month! The opening day of our award winning Universally Accessible Playground at South Beach Park
A youngster tries out the new swings at the park. Applauding my predecessor, Neil Carrey, for his vision & dedication to universally accessible playgrounds.
A City TV interview about the opening of the Universally Accessible Playground New Park Signage!
A new Park & new signs! The Tongva Park benches are lovely.
Art in Tongva Park! In Tongva Park
The Tongva Park overlooks or as I call them...our slinkies! I walked through the Village Trailer Park one day. This shouldn't be how our residents are treated.
At a Santa Monica event with my significant other, Kathryn. At the Emmys!
At the 2013 Spring Walk It Bike It Day promotion. Trying to get more of our youth active by having them walk or bike to their Santa Monica school. Introducing my mother's best friend, Sandy, to Palisades Park. He loves the Park!
A lawn sign in Ocean Park A neighborhood sign!
Our great looking signs are ready for your lawn or window!

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